New site. Same broad.

One of the problems inherent in choosing a blog name is that you’re stuck with it. Having chosen NewlyMinted Librarian for my first blog was appropriate at the time, but feels a bit odd now.

I’ve also heard via co-workers (who are usually up on this stuff) that the software that drives this blog has more and better bells and whistles than the software I was using. (How’s that for vague? But you’re bright folks. You’ll figure it out without my help.)

So…..welcome to Impromptu Librarian. It’s really descriptive of much of my life. Impromptu life changes, like a move to Nebraska, and then Minnesota. Impromptu career changes, like becoming a librarian. Impromptu speech, since I’m relatively incapable of holding my tongue. (Just ask DH.) And I’ve imported the posts from NewlyMintedLibrarian, so everyone can relax and settle in.



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  1. MB,
    I like WordPress better than blogspot. It does have more bells and whistles — some of which are even useful.

    Keep on musing!

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