Previews of coming attractions

Michael has a great post on his blog, with a presentation he recently gave to folks at the Metropolitan Library System on Barriers in Libraries. Terrific insights, as usual.

Can’t wait to have him come to Minnesota!

In a somewhat similar vein, there’s a wonderful post from Aaron Schmidt on staplers. Thought-provoking and funny – my favorite combination. Jenny’s response (quoted by Aaron) is too true…and hilarious.

So the question is, what barriers are we putting up at our libraries? Are there ridiculous “rules” that exist only because “we’ve always done it that way”?? Have we been possessed by some Evil Librarian of Days Past and are assuming that (fill in the blank – teens, seniors, kids…) are up to no good and should be treated accordingly?

Are we guilty of the being “Eat Your Peas Librarian” (thanks, Susan!) You know, the “I don’t care if you like it, it’s good for you. Eat your peas!” (Or, read this book! Or, search that way!)


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