For invisible patrons?

The Invisible Library.

All the books within the books.


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One response to “For invisible patrons?

  1. Hermester Barrington

    Dear Ms. Sancomb-Moran,

    I’m so pleased to see that the idea of a catalogue of books that exist only in other books continues to spread throughout the human memepool. My first encounter with this concept took the form of Mr. Brian Quinette’s catalogue (to which this blog once linked), now defunct, alas. Fortunately, however, an archived copy does exist.

    Mr. James Hay has also preserved Mr. Quinette’s work, and added to it himself.

    There is also a The Invisible Library, Live Journal Branch, created by le_trombone:

    Mr. Park and Mr. Stahl have also created a blog containing these materials.

    Finally, my wife Fayaway and I have created our own branch of the invisible library at Malibu Lake, CA.

    Thank you for noting and preserving this highly entertaining and increasingly useful information—doubt not, o blogger, but persist!


    Hermester Barrington,
    Chief Archivist, Law Offices of Petty, Smilodon, & Ruth (ret.)

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